What Is Coaching?


Coaching is a professional service that provides feedback, insights, and training from an outside vantage point. Coaching offers guidance similar to that given by psychologists, counselors, and mentors.

I coach ventriloquists who have a strong desire and deep passion for ventriloquism, but are struggling. My coaching helps you develop your skills as a performer to take you to that next level of expertise.

Coaching is an on-going joint partnership built on taking action. In this powerful alliance, you will find that you can:

  • Do more than you could on your own.
  • Take yourself more seriously.
  • Create momentum and consistency.
  • Become more effective and focused.


People need a coach.  Business people, athletes, anyone wanting to be successful in their endeavor have coaches.  If your desire is to be a successful ventriloquist, you need a coach.

Coaching will define your purpose, which, in turn, will provide the framework that will allow you to relate specific actions to your overall success plan.



Is My Coaching Service Right For You?


Most of my clients are:

  • Working ventriloquists who realize that they need help to move their careers to the next level.
  • Ventriloquists who do not have the time to commit to a long learning curve but want to get their ventriloquist career moving forward.
  • Hobbyists who want to generate income from ventriloquism to help pay for their hobby or the next ventriloquist puppet.
  • Ventriloquists who need instruction in perfecting their act and the myriad details that are crucial to creating a salable, professional performance.



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