“Sammy King is a great ventriloquial technician, and his commitment to character is wonderful”.Edgar Bergen 1968



“As I sat in the audience of the Palm Springs Follies and watched Sammy King on stage, I marveled at his talent, his technique, and of his obviously considerable time on the boards”.Paul Winchell  2002



“Es uno de los mejor que yo he visto, pero tambien los que he visto son pocos.” Senor Wences, at his 100th Birthday Party in Las Vegas 1995



“Sammy King has been an icon in the ventriloquial world for many years.  His lectures and coaching have helped many aspiring ventriloquists who are just starting out or need improvement in their performances. I, personally, have enjoyed watching Sammy perform over the years, and rate him among the top vents of recent decades.”Jimmy Nelson



“Sammy King has always been a great inspiration in my career”Jeff Dunham



“I have been a friend and fan of Sammy King for longer than either he or I will admit.  He sets a new mark for all ventriloquists to reach every time he walks on stage. Thanks for showing us all how, Sammy.” –  Jay Johnson



“Sammy King is the one I watched when I was a kid.”Ronn Lucas



“When I started performing, my mentor became Sammy King because his influence directed me into becoming a performer and not just a vent.  I give him credit for influencing me in how to put together a professional act.”Brad Cummings



“If you looked up “Class” and “Showman” in the dictionary, you’d find Sammy King.” Ian Varella



“Sammy is a Great Mentor, Teacher, and a True Perfectionist in the art of ventriloquism.”Sylvia & the Magic Trunk



“Sammy is able to effectively teach the skills that have made him one of the great ventriloquists of our time:  building an act, comedy, acting, splitting, character, props, splitting and so much more.  His genius is his ability to see what corrections are needed to continually take my act to a new level.” Mark Hellerstein



“The word I would use to sum up Sammy King’s act is AWESOME!  He is fast, funny, original and a complete show-stopper whenever he is on the bill.  I couldn’t recommend any act any higher than Sammy’s!” Mark Wade-Executive Director Vent Haven International Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion